We create meaningful, memorable & out standing brands

We dive far beyond the surface to get to the heart of your brand to deliver an experience that’s truly tailored to your needs. Our team of talented professionals will be there to support you in every aspect of the journey.

From the colour palette to shapes, images and typography, every design element is carefully considered to ensure a unique and cohesive brand.

We don't create logos.

We create visual universes.

We don't create logos. We create visual universes. Our studio provides the experience of traveling and immersing yourself in the process of building your brand, just like we do when we search for perfect itineraries and routes on a trip. But here, on this trip, the final destination is your dream brand. We are your guide on this journey!

Our core values

What guides us









Constant grow

Meet your guide

Hola! I'm Julia 🙂

I am the founder and creative director of Buenas Design Studio. I’m a brand designer, content creator and advertiser.

I’ve been working as a brand designer and social media strategist for over 7 years, having extensive experience with several companies and clients from 7 countries and various segments, including clients seen on Medium, People Magazine and Glamour Magazine.

Also, I’m a traveler – that’s why the studio is international and it’s themed in this universe! I love learning about new cultures, languages and meeting new people. I have more than 4 exchanges under my belt and I’ve been a digital nomad for over
two years, and now I’m living in Europe!

I believe that design must always be unique, functional and should always connect with the target audience. I work in an immersive, dedicated and artisanal way, helping companies to fly higher, increasing brand awareness and recognition.

I am very happy to be your guide on this journey. Pack your bags and let’s go 🙂

All you need to know

(And some things you probably don't)

Favorite place ever

New York is my place! I love that city so much. The diversity, the vibrancy, always having something new do to… you hear so many languages. It is so rich in so many ways. My first exchange program was to NYC, the city has a really special place in my heart.

Most beautiful place I've visited

That’s tough!
Yosemite was an unforgettable trip. The place is absolutely wonderful, I have no words to describe it. Bariloche and Kotor also is incredible. Can’t choose one!

Strange fact about me

When I was a child I thought that if I dig a hole deep enough, I would get to Japan. LOL

Favorite Food

I love eating but I don’t cook. Yeah… go figure. That’s a hard one.
I love strogonoff, parmigiana, sushi and cheeseburgers. Not the American versions, but the Brazilian one, which is much better… sorry.

Fun fact!

Buenas is a greeting in Spanish, it also means something good. The inspiration for the name came while living in Buenos Aires – even though my mother language is Portuguese, and everyone thinks that in Brazil we speak Spanish, lol.

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