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Bonoclin Odontology




Brand Design

Bonoclin Odontology

Bonoclin is a multidisciplinary dental clinic in the city of Vitória, Brazil.

Through the symbol, we seek to represent:

Cutting: all the care and dedication that Luara has with Bonoclin, as a cutter perfects the rough stone until it has the splendid shape and shine of a diamond, but in a more minimalist way, also seeking to represent a tooth.

Transformation: which is caused in each patient after the procedures performed by the clinic, bringing self-esteem, confidence, well-being and health.

Symmetry: Focused on facial harmonization.

Shine: After each procedure, the patient carries a special shine in him due to the transformation caused.

The chosen colors add a sophisticated, delicate and modern atmosphere that connects directly with the target audience. Gold brings an air of sophistication, comfort, warmth and nobility. The petroleum blue promotes the feeling of sobriety, confidence, harmony, balance and cleanliness. Despite being blue, this shade differs from other players in the market.