Create Joy Travel

Create Joy is a travel agency that helps people aiming to get out of their comfort zone and experience a new awakening to embrace the unknown, tasting life to the fullest through tailored travel, learning, and experiences.

Unlike traditional travel agencies, Create Joy holds sustainability, inner growth, community, and education at their core, aspiring to impact the world positively. They believe life is a magical journey, and travel is an opportunity to go within, be mindful and become our best version.

The goal was to convey in the logo the inside out concept, the journey of self-awareness with a warm, inviting, approachable and friendly atmosphere.
Handmade illustrations are part of Create Joy’s visual communication  emphasizing how the brand values sustainability, positive impact and connection  with nature, bringing more personality and visual richness to the brand,  complementing the visual identity and enabling numerous different combinations. 
And a special touch: the leaves’ outlines look like a topographic map. 
DesignRush, known for its best design has chosen our design to be featured among The Best Wellness Branding Examples. 
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