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ZOOMcatalog is the leader in online searchable catalogs and the premier destination for suppliers, distributors and consumers to view and share digital catalog replicas over the Web. The system was developed by suppliers, veteran distributors and experts in computer systems. Additionally, ZOOMcatalog allows suppliers to easily upload and share digital replicas of their catalogs with the entire distributor and consumer community on www.zoomcatalog.com and across the Internet through their websites, blogs, and email.
The brand is fun, approachable, laidback, unique, edgy, innovative, and human.
The challenge was keeping the consistency of the original logo because of its recognition in the market.
– Refresh the logo and visual identity
– Refine elements and color pallete
– Create a more consistent style, look and feel
– Create something unique, more subtle, nothing overwhelming, too bubbly and/or kindly